Wedding Dresses

Dear Brides!

What are the most two important thing buying dresses?

The price and the size!

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You can make your choice between 3 price and 3 size categories.

 1 category: Bride dresses for 25 000 és 30 000 Ft

2 category: Bride dresses for  35 000 - 55 000 Ft

Menyasszonyi ruhák 3. kategória: Akciós ruhák 60 000 Ft-os és a feletti áron 

Sizes in our Webshop are according Italian scale 

It is simple to determine the most important size, breast size. This is double the size.

When shopping online, it is very important to choose the right size. The table below summarizes the most commonly used size scales. 

(text on picture: Méretek- sizes, Olasz- Italian, Német- German, Francia -French, Spanyol-Spanish, Angol- Britt, )


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